Preschool Enrollment

Our preschool enrollment process is a little different than enrolling your child for elementary school. Due to the Department of Health Services (DHS) Licensing and the Child Find process as we screen all students prior to entering our program. It is also not a quick process and preschool students start school at different times throughout the school year. Below are the steps to follow in order to enroll for the MUSD Preschool Program held at Saddleback Elementary.

  1. Schedule an appointment for the Child Find Screening (click here to find out more info).
  2. Attend your screening appointment at the District Office.
  3. If your child does not qualify for services, you can start the enrollment packet (see below) and once that is complete and received, you can pay the tuition and start school. 
  4. If your child qualifies for special education services, you have two options. First option is to wait for all the necessary appointments and meetings for the different services your child will qualify for. Once they are completed and you finish the enrollment packet, your child can start for free. This process could take at least 2-3 months from the date of screening. The second option is to complete the enrollment packet, and pay tuition until the meetings have been completed, at which time, tuition would be waived. Your child could start attending sooner, but would not be receiving any services until all the additional meetings and paperwork has been completed.

Enrollment Packet Requirements

  1. Complete the 2017-2018 Enrollment Packet from the District Office.
  2. Only those who are listed on the Birth Certificate are able to enroll the child, unless you have a court document or a notarized letter giving you educational rights, or a document from DCS giving you temporary custody.
  3. Provide the following documentation
  • Certified copy of the child's Birth Certificate
  • Immunizations Records for the child (all shots need to be current and up to date before starting)
  • Proof of Residency (copy of water/utility bill or mortgage/lease)
  • Parent Identification card (Driver's license or Passport)