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Dear Parents,

The holidays are upon us and teachers and students are working hard to complete target goals before winter vacation begins in two weeks. School City benchmark assessments are one tool that we use to determine if the identified grade level target goals are met.  School City benchmark scores will be available when students return in January.  Parental involvement in school is incredibly important. Parental involvement comes in many shapes and sizes.  It extends outside of our physical school building.  Helping your child with homework and talking to your child daily about what happened in school both count as parental involvement.  Please talk with your child(ren) about what they are learning in school.  It is important for you to know what they are mastering as well as know any areas they may find difficult.  Teachers are always willing to meet with parents.  It is extremely important for you to frequently communicate with your child’s teacher to ensure the overall social and academic success of your little one.   

Another way to be positively involved in your child’s education is to ensure that they arrive to school on time.  We open our doors at 7:40 am each day.  Students can eat breakfast until 8:00 am.  If students arrive after 8:00 am the cafeteria will not have breakfast available.  Please make sure your students eat prior to coming to school or arrive before 8:00 am to ensure that they are properly fueled to have a successful day in school.  Last month, we began our classroom attendance contest.  The winner for the month of November was Mrs. Sorenson’s 5th grade class.  She and her students had a 93% attendance rate during the month of November.  This percentage accounts for tardies, absences and early sign outs.  Mrs. Sorenson’s class will have a free popcorn party this Friday for being our winner for the month of November.  After winter break, if students arrive late, parents will be required to come inside to sign students into school.  This will help us get students to class immediately if something caused them to arrive late.  Please help us improve our school wide attendance by helping your child arrive on time each day.

As the quarter comes to an end, we are extremely excited about hosting our 4th Annual Reindeer Run on Friday, December 22nd. Your child’s donation envelope should have arrived today with the newsletter. The student who collects the most donations will be given a brand new Kindle tablet before Christmas Break. We sincerely appreciate your help supporting our school. The Reindeer Run will be a FUN day for everyone. If you’d like to volunteer during the event please contact the front office or your child’s teacher.

Please note that the last day of school before winter break is December 22, 2017.  Students will be released at 1:10pm on the 22nd. During the winter break, please enjoy your family and friends.  We will miss seeing everyone’s smiling face and look forward to beginning a new calendar year together on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. 

Be sure to mark down important dates referenced in the newsletter. Thank you so much for your support throughout the first half of the 2017-2018 school year.


Mrs. Williams, Saddleback Elementary Principal

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